Pilates Stretch

An all round practice strengthening and toning the whole core of your body and improving overall posture. The routines follow a monthly theme and they are designed to help build up strength and stamina where students are not quite ready for the dynamic elements of vinyasa yoga.

This class is suitable for complete beginners and for those recovering from injury.

Yoga Flow

A dynamic yoga class encompassing standing, seated and inverted yoga asanas and development of breath awareness. Building up with standard sun salutations you will be guided through vinyasa sequences and learn to focus on linking each movement with breath. Modifications will be advised where necessary and you are always encouraged to go at your own pace.

This class is most suitable for people who have some yoga experience and it does require some level of fitness. 

Gentle Yoga and Pilates

A slow steady practice of mindful movement through simple yoga postures, pranayama breath and pilates routines with plenty of instruction and verbal modifications.

This class is suitable for complete beginners, for those who have chronic conditions, are recovering from injury or surgery, or simply those who would like a slower mindful practice.

One to One

Tailored to your needs, a private one to one session is a great way to focus on specific areas and advance your own personal practise. The sessions will usually take place in my studio or an alternative suitable location.

Feel free to ask me for more details.

Beach Yoga

This group runs fortnightly throughout the summer on Alnmouth beach. Beach yoga is a fantastic way to experience being at one with nature and in tune with your self. Feel the nourishing effects of the fresh sea air, ease stress by boosting energy, move with the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves towards a state of ultimate relaxation. You can expect to feel alive and full of energy afterwards.